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Who are we, and why this webpage?

I'm just another obsessed Marathon Runner, based in Brisbane Australia.

I've been frustrated for many years in not being able to find all Australian and New Zealand Marathons(42.195km/26.2miles), on the one page, SO, I created this webpage.

Note: For our European and North American friends who haven't made the trip 'Down Under', it may seem strange putting Australia and New Zealand Marathons together, but Australia is a big country, and the East Coast City's of Australia are only a 2.5hr to 3hr Jet Flight from Most New Zealand city's, where as Perth is between a 4hr and 5.5hrs Jet Flight from the east coast city's, and there is a lot of Marathoners flying between our country's just to run, and with new budget airlines making flights cheaper this is only going to increase the traffic.

I have also included the 'Marathons of the Pacific Island Country's', because most of these are only a 2.5hr to 5hr Jet Flight from the North Island of New Zealand, or the East Coast of Australia, and these are great little Marathons on Tropical Islands and need our support.

As I expand content, I have and are adding races between 45km(28miles) and 100km(60miles), and I will also add some shorter races.(25km(15miles) to 40km(25miles).

In the future, I'll add "Asian Marathons", because most of these, although they canbe a 9hr Jet flight from Australia, they are also reasonably easy accessed by Air from Europe and North America.

So please navigate though my webpage, and I can be contacted via email by clicking here.

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