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Our range of clothing is now so extensive, that we have displayed various types of clothing on different pages as follow:

Australian Running Tops: Click here

Western Australian Running Tops: Click here

Comrades Marathon Clothing: Click here

Maidenwell Marathon T-Shirts: Please email us.

Australia Day T-Shirts: Coming Soon

Lamington Classic T-Shirts: Coming Soon

Refund Policy: If in the unlikely event you are not satisfied with the singlet or T-Shirt we sent to you, please return (at your cost) for a refund or exchange (with a stamp addressed return envelope sufficient to post the item) equal to the purchase price of the items.(The postage and handling will not be refunded, as these are costs already incurred by us, in good faith with you.)

If you purchase a Polo/Golfer Shirt or Jacket, there are no refunds allowed (please see relevant page for more details)

I(Bruce) can be contacted as follows:

Email, by clicking here.

Australian Mobile Phone: 0433 242 748

International Cell Phone: +61 433 242 748


Here is a 'Sizing Chart' and instructions:

Once you have your Singlet or T-Shirt size sorted out, your Polo/Golfer/Jacket should be the size in the left hand column.