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Bruces World

This page is dedicated to Bruces obsession with running.

Normally, Bruce focus's on the Six Foot Track Marathon(a 45km Trail run) in March, and the Melbourne Marathon in October, but in 2010 and 2011 he is adding the Comrades Marathon to his list of 'Must Do'.

The Comrades Marathon Association in late 2008, also appoint Bruce as their Ambassador to Australia and New Zealand

For those interested, you can find more details about these races by clicking on the following links.

Six Foot Track Marathon

Melbourne Marathon

Comrades Marathon

Domestically, he is also trying to find time to run the following races:

Bellarine Rail Trail Run(34km)

Sydney City to Surf-14km with 50,000+ Runners

The following video's give some insight to these races:

The Melbourne Marathon(The 1984 Highlights):

The Six Foot Track Marathon(This is a private video, created by campers, but shows the general terrian of the track):

The following video consists of edited hightlights from the "Comrades History" video 1921 to 1997:

Bruces Training

Bruces training programme for the 2nd half of 2009, can be found by clicking here, and it is named "The Road to Melbourne 2009", and that is pretty apt, as that's precisely what it is, Bruces training programme, which hopefully give him his 32nd Melbourne Marathon finish, in the 32nd Melbourne Marathon.(Yep, I've done the lot.)

Bruces Marathon History

Bruces Marathon running history can be found by, can be found by clicking here.

And this is where Bruce has been.