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For Comrades Tragics

This page hopefully is a quick reference to available information about the Comrades Marathon.

The official webpage can be found by clicking here.

So, what is special about Comrades?

This is a difficult question. For those who have never been to Comrades, the answer won't make sense, and for those who have been, they can't quite put it into words. The 'Comrades Experience", is more of a 'feeling' than a sentence.

The following promotional video, may help to explain:

So this is not a just a race over 89km, with a few 'crazy runners', this is a race which for 85 years has challenged a nation, and since the early 1990's, when South Africa rejoined the international community, it has become a race which is challenging the world.

Are you up to the challenge?

The Comrades Experience:

The following Links are to pages showing various Comrades Videos and short story's written by runners about their Comrades experience(s).

As this library of story's grow, the question you must ask yourself, particularly if you haven't been to Comrades, is why are so many people from around the world, so passionate about this race, and to find the answer, you have no choice but to go to South Africa, and encounter the experience.

The Comrades Runners experiences(story's) can be found by clicking here

Various Comrades Video's can be found by clicking here

The Up Route(2013, 2015, 2017 etc)

If you click here, you can download the up description prepared by Comrades stalwart Tom Cottrell

For Accommodation, please consider:

To see why a vast majority of International Comrades runners choose to stay at The Durban Hilton please click here.

Other World Wide Web resources:

The Official Comrades Forums:

Click for Comrades Forums

These have lots of topics, and can answer most "Comrades" queries.

The Official Comrades Facebook Page:

Click for the Official Comrades FB page

This FB page has regular updates, and is the CMA's why of dispersing info, between their regular Newsletters and press releases.

Other Facebook pages:

The Unofficial Comrades Facebook page:

Click for the Unofficial Comrades FB page

This page is dominated by Internationals, but has a significant number of South Africa Comrades veterans posting on it.

The chatter is mainly about how to train for Comrades in various locations in the world, and is extremely useful for those with out a Comrades support group in their town.

The Bruce Fordyce Facebook Page:

Click for the Bruce Fordyce FB page

On this FB page, you can keep track of the Comrades King, and what he is upto, and if you ask a question, he will actually answer it.

'The Comrades Group' Facebook page:

Click here

'Australian and New Zealand' Comrades Facebook page:

Click here

'UK and Ireland' Comrades Facebook page:

Click here

The North Americans Can Run Comrades Facebook page:

Click here

The C-Team(Perth, Western Australia Facebook page:

Click here

If you know of any other web sources, please let me know so I can add them to the list.

Comrades International Ambassadors:

The CMA, since 2005 has been rolling out a programme of appointing Ambassadors in various regions of the world, with the ultimate aim of having an Ambassador in every country. This programme is on going, and at the moment they have the following representatives in the following country's:

Mark Bloomfield:USA

Marie Barreau:France

Nato Amaral:Brazil

Sandy Kondo:Japan

David Marsh:United Kingdom

Bruce Hargreaves:Australia

The Ambassadors are there to help and encourage runners from their country to make the trip to South Africa, and they do this on a voluntary basis, and therefore they are true 'Comrade Tragics'.

If you country does not have an Ambassador, then please consult with the Ambassador closest to where you live.

Note: There are actually 18 International Ambassadors, and when I get a chance, I will update this page, however, in the short term, please click here.

If you have run a Comrades, and think you have what it takes to be an Ambassador, and your country is not represented or if you know of a fellow Comrades runner from your country who would be suitable, then please do not hesitate to forward the relevant details to Thami at the CMA for consideration.

This page is under construction, please come back soon.

We last updated this page on the 14th November 2012.